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The birth of this foundation was a longing dream of the founder director since his  struggling days  as a poor child, who was confronted with poverty in all spheres of life, such as  economy, education, health, environment, culture and well being. Ever since then, he has been thinking to help  children and people like him to overcome the obstacles and succeed in life all  around the globe, especially in LDCs ( least developed countries) . Owing to this, a holistic development program for empowerment has been conceptualised. This can only be attained with the coordination among all stakeholders who work in isolated projects, which have created a gap between doer and  beneficiary, thus creating less impact on the needed people. The foundation aspires to become instrumental in holistic development approach on priority and to evolve in the need based module from micro to macro level.

To become strong nation’s building partner through ensuring fair, inclusive and sustainable growth and development of socio economic program in the country.

To cultivate the various socio economic development drivers in the areas of Youth Empowerment, Child Care and Development, Small Enterprise Development and NGO/ Development Sector Empowerment to achieve its vision.

The Governance of the organsiation is two tier basis comprising of Board of Advisor and Management Team. The board overviews whether the organisation is working as per the objectives and decends the power of day to day activities to the Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director to  perform their tasks to effectively achieve its objectives.


As we all know that the foundation for our later life is our childhood. The emotional and physical health, social skills, and cognitive-linguistic capacities that emerge in the early years are all important prerequisites for success in school and later in the workplace Read more

Youths in Nepal are left clueless because of the deteriorating situation in the nation. Influence of politics in education, natural disaster, descending economy, unemployment , dependance on foreign remittance etc have hindered the development of human capital in Read more

The development partners implement the projects in Nepal through either government organisations or local/national NGOs/CBOs. Hence, in order to implement the projects by the grassroots organisations it requires a right level of overall organisational competency. There Read more

Having few large industries, deteriorating public enterprises and lack of conducive environment for business, the role of Small Medium Enterprises is inevitable. However, they still struggle to grow because of lack of entrepreneurship, business development and Read more

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  • Luigi Ciorciolini

    Role of research(The Rising Nepal- National Daily)

    Dr. Byanjana Sharma   A couple of weeks ago I read two news stories related to medical sciences – one was about Guru Prasad Khanal’s, the newly appointed Rector at BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), determination to heavily prioritise research work and the other was about five KU doctors being blacklisted internationally for plagiarising research findings. While the first one gives the general public hope -- BPKIHS conducts research on more than 300 diseases and treatment systems every year -- the second one is shameful and no proud citizen can take it just like that. Doesn’t a professional as prestigious and responsible as a doctor realise the importance of research work? How can they cheat others’ work and proudly claim it as theirs? Other people may do it due to their ignorance but this should not be the case with doctors. In the context of Nepali people not having a strong presence in the
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  • Luigi Ciorciolini

    Producing best teachers (The Rising Nepal-National Daily)

    Dr. Byanjana Sharma Last week I got the opportunity to visit several community schools in Far Western and Mid Western Regions under the programme Career Counselling and Motivation, organised by JKK Foundation and has been in operation for quite a while. As with my earlier experiences, headmasters once again told me about their misconceptions regarding the redesigned SEE letter grading system. While talking to them I felt like they were speaking out of their preconceived notion that no matter what, students who are admitted into the ‘education’ stream in grade 11 are the ones that achieve the lowest GPAs in their SEE. One of the head teachers complained, “I don’t agree with this new type of scoring system which suggests that the weakest of all students should be the ones studying education. In reality, we need the brightest students in this faculty so that they can make the best teachers in the future.” Yes, I completely agree with the second part
    » read more

  • Luigi Ciorciolini

    Eleventh University in Nepal- Recent education update

    The parliament has passed the bill for the eleventh University of the country on Thursday. Rajashri Janak University has been the next University to be added to the list of universities in Nepal. The University has been said to be established for the preservation and promotion of the Maithili art and culture. It will have the teaching faculties in the field of arts, Science, medicine, agriculture, forest and so on. The office of the University will be located in Janakpur. The University will be run by the funding and investment from the Government.  For more information please click below
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  • Luigi Ciorciolini

    Article published in The Rising Nepal- English National Daily(Crazy Queries)

    Dr. Byanjana Sharma   Career counselling is not an integral part of the current school curriculum in Nepal. I have found a lot of youths have a tendency either to study the subjects of their parents’ choice or to succumb to peer pressure without considering their interests. As a result, most of them may not do well in the subjects they are studying because they feel they ‘have to’ as their interests are not involved. After all, an American self-help book author Oliver Napoleon Hill was right when he said, “No man can succeed in a line of endeavour which he does not like.”  There are mainly three exit points during general stream schooling years in Nepal – at the end of grade 8, 10 and 12 respectively because students need to choose optional subjects in grades 9, 11 and after grade 12. At these points, they need career counselling at an extensive level which helps them to get an
    » read more

  • Luca Farulli

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Kaushlendra Jha is a popular motivational speaker and has spoken at more than 100 organizations in 20 cities around Nepal. He speaks at corporates, educational institutes, government bodies and volunteer agencies. His stellar education and diverse professional background makes him the ideal person to share his thoughts and experience on the following matters:


  • Member

    "I feel fortunate to have JKK Foundation at our school. I believe our students have learned many things from the program career counselling and motivation. Most of all, they learned that if they choose a career which matches their interests they will be successful in the area chosen."

    SadhanaTripathi,HeadTeacher, RatnaLaxmi S. S., Gorkha

  • Member

    It is a great opportunity for the schools community that JKK Foundation organized the program at our school.  I am hopeful that all the participating members must have been benefitted from the program. I want to thank JKK Foundation for their wonderful work.

    Mr. Dhruva Aryal(Resource Person ) District Education Office, Gorkha

  • Member

    "A lot of similar organizations had come earlier with programs which only created crowd and gave no good impact to our students. Initially we had similar notion about this project as well, however, the execution and the students feedback has proved this as an effective project."

    BhagendraJha, Principal, Ram Narayan A. Higher Secondary School, Mahottari

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