Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic - Leadership Development Program

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Leadership Development Program in Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic, gained an overwhelming participation of Engineers.This was a residential program which included early morning refreshing yoga session followed by the leadership session in the afternoon.

The program was designed for the purpose of enhancing the leadership skills of the Engineers in the contemporary scenario.As for engineers, it is not sufficient to be just technically sound. A proactive leader who can enjoy a competitive advantage of the market is a must for excelling in the profession.

For this purpose, JKK Foundation gave a glance of importance of self awareness, emotional intelligence and an understanding of one's own weaknesses and strengths  in gaining a strong leadership. History has the evidences of Engineers leading the industry  as a good leader, which can be created by these kinds of   Leadership Development Training.Some of the notable Engineers as well as leaders are Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Jimmy Carter and the list goes on.

The session was a success, and many of them showed interest in joining further more sessions in the future.The outcome was an enticing one to observe among the participants.

The participants were given a feeback form, which is given below:

S.N Feedback 1 2 3 4 5
1 I will be able to use these skills(knowledge) on my job.          
2 Learning objective were clear.          
3 I could easily relate to examples and problem used.          
4 Subject matter was presented in an orderly manner.          
5 The facilitator was well prepared.          
6 The facilitator was knowledgeable.          
7 The facilitator paid close attention to learner needs and question.          
8 The materials were useful.          
9 The audio video added to the session.          
10 The training length was just about right.          
11 I would recomment this training to others.          
12 Location in terms of accessibility,ambience,parking ,etc.          

The ratings scale and their interpretations are as follows:

1= Strongly Disagree; 2= Disagree; 3= Not Sure; 4= Agree; 5= Strongly Agree

Out of the present participants who gave the feedback; 

Fifty three percent agreed to the feedback, thirty five percent strongly agree to the feedbacks and the remaining twelve percent were not sure about the feedbacks.

In a nutshell, Leadership Development Program, for the Engineers was a successful session which gave the JKK Foundation team an inspiration to further work for the people in technical field.

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