Youth Empowerment through Career Counselling and Motivation

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The Project "Youth Empowerment through Career Counselling and Motivational Program" is approved by the UNESCO Paris via agreement between Nepal National Commission for UNESCO (NATCOM) and JKK Foundation.

The foundation is committed to implement the program by empowering the youths through career counseling and motivation, strengthening the web portal for continuous interactions with the youths, helping them know their emotional quotient , leveraging the impact through a TV show conducting with the professionals  and experts as participants .

The foundation aspires to become instrumental in holistic development approach on priority and to evolve the need based module from micro level to macro level.

Program Highlights






Project Title

“Youth Empowerment Through Career Counselling and Motivational Program”


Approved by



Supported by



Implemented by

JKK Foundation


Agreement No.

8290113267 NEP


Commencement date



Project period

November 21, 2016 - December 31, 2017


Total Budget

23,400 USD


UNESCO Paris Contribution

15,000 USD


Foundation Contribution

8,400 USD


Place of Implementation

Five Development Region of Nepal



Students, Parents, Teachers and Society at some level


Implementation modality

Workshop ,seminars, online interaction, toll free call centre and TV talk show


Working Calendar

  •  Central region: March, April
  •  Eastern region: May, June
  • Western region: July, August
  • Mid-western region: August, September
  •   Far-western region: September, October


Program Attraction

  •   Career Counselling and Motivational Session
  •  Conveying career information, regarding national and abroad scope
  • Easy access of information through web portal and online interaction
  • Supporting students to know their EQ (Emotional Quotient) and IQ (Intelligence Quotient)
  •  Conducting  TV Talk show for career counselling and motivation  with renowned educationist, professionals, representatives from education ministry, parents, students,  private and public schools and professionals from the Foundation.


The project not only benefits the students, but also the parents, teachers, administrators and the business community and labor market .  The benefits to the various groups are as follows:


  • Helps students to gain self-awareness in areas such as their interests, values, abilities, personality style and also to find their potential abilities.
  • Connects students to the resource centre at JKK Foundation so that they can become more informed about jobs ,occupations and career path.
  • Engages students in the decision-making process to enable them to choose a career path that is well suited to their own interests, values, abilities and personality style.
  • Assists students to be active managers of their career paths (including managing career transitions and balancing various life roles) as well as  to become lifelong learners by achieving professional development over the lifespan to face the various challenges and environment in career path.
  • Supports them to get the right path in their career by discouraging the migration of labour.
  • Helps schools and colleges to reduce student dropout rate and to increase pass percentage rate, which contributes the government to achieve its objectives and commitment in the school sector eductaion.


  • Provides parents with support and information for their child’s/children's educational and personal development.
  •  Increases opportunities for parental involvement in their children's education.This way parents will be open to the discussion regarding their children's career choices.
  •  Equips parents with skills necessary to support their child in their overall development.


  • Enables teachers to gain more mastery over their teaching subjects with an understanding of the importance of each subject and their practical applications.
  •  Provides an opportunity to work in collaboration with other teachers and parents.


  • Allows for systematic evaluation of students, by taking consideration of  their overall personality traits.
  • Provides a structure which can be monitored easily.

Business, Industry, the Labour Market

  • Provides the potential for a well-informed workforce, with positive attitudes and the necessary skills.
  • Provides an opportunity for collaboration with schools/colleges and teachers in preparing students for the working environment.

The Career Counseling Guidelines formulated and used by JKK Foundation for the counseling purpose,can be  found here.

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