Sankat Mochan S S School -Career Counseling,2014

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About The Program

Career Counselling and Motivational Program held in Sankat Mochan Senior Secondary School, Janakpur, Nepal towards Youth Empowerment of Nepal for the student of class 10th, 11th and 12th participated in the program.

Out of 350 students in the college, 60 students were present in the session.

The overall session initiated with the introduction and orientation with the School Management.The session formally gained a shape of implementation when the management granted an approval for the execution.

The principal himself facilitated for familiarizing the JKK Foundation team in implementation with the students,by giving them some light on the mission of JKK Foundation towards the Youth Empowerment.

For initiating the session, the students were distributed the Foundation's brochure which contained the thoughts provoking questions and forms of enrollment which helped them gained some insights on their ownself.

The overall experience gave JKK Foundation an inspiration to work further for the Youth Empowerment.


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