Bright Educare Pvt. Ltd.-Teachers Training, 2014

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About The Program

Foundation Director of JKK motivated teacher of Bright Education Pvt. Ltd. to inspire teacher to inspire the students.The program consisted of 70  teachers from different schools. All the participated teachers belonged to the secondary level of school.

The program was specially designed to assist and harness the teaching- learning relationship.These included the following specific topics:

1. Role of teachers in the overall development of students

2. Teaching methodologies for harnessing the strengths of students

3. Focus on the extra-curriculars and Active Learning

4. Ability-Interest matching of the students and assessment of their Emotional Quotient.

5. Techniques of dealing with the varying nature of students in the classroom

6. Development of a healthy learning environment in the classroom

These topics were proved to be highly effective in addressing the issues of the teaching- learning environment of school level.


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