Youth Empowerment through Career Counselling and Motivation, Bardiya- Tribhuwan Secondary School-9th November

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Youth Empowerment through Career Counselling and Motivation has  been implemented in Mid Western Development Region, in Bhurigaun, Bardiya.

Foundation made its program successful in Bhurigaun, Bardiya in Tribhuwan Secondary School. There was an overwhelming number of students attending the session.

The students expressed their opinions and asked their queries regarding the  career choices, subjects to be chose to pursue a particular career and similar others. However, it took a bit of time to be interactive with the students so the facilitator took some time for warm up. Similar to the other schools, only the selected students who make a variety of group of students for the session.

The facilitator drove the session as well as workshop in an interesting way that the students thoroughly enjoyed. A good number of student and teacher participation concluded the session in Bhurigaun. 

The topics entered included academic exit points, subject choices, possible career options after class twelve, career dilemma and so on.  The facilitators ran the session with the help of various audio visual tools like photos, videos and audio recordings.

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