Career Counselling and Motivation session Program in Pipara R.A H.Sec School and Sahorwa Ma.Bi School, Mahottari-May 23, 2017

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May 23, 2017 Foundation team took further steps forward in the field work of the project "Youth Empowerment through Career Counselling and Motivation"  in Mahottari district in the Central Development Region in Pipara R.A. H. Sec School and Sahorwa Ma. Bi School.

Presence of participants was remarkably high in Mahottari, one of the reason being the partipants were familiar with the project and its benefits from the output of few years before. 

Session was delivered through group interaction, images display and one to one interaction, however video display was not possible in the school due its infrastructure set up.

Besides, the experience was overwhelming in Mahottari district.

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